Sell Your Designs as Clip Art

If you are creative but you think that a graphic design business is not for you, then you can design and sell clip art on the various digital marketplaces available on the internet. Clip art is like stock photos but it is a drawing instead of a photograph. People use clip art for various purposes, for example, the cupcake that accompanies this page can be used on a poster for a cake sale.

You are going to design and upload your clip art designs to websites where it will be available for download for a fee. You will get a commission for every item sold. But you have to remember various things to be successful in this business:
▪ You are going to have to create items that will be usable (must not be too obscure), the more commercial the design looks the better. Following popular themes, like icons is another idea.
▪ You are going to have to churn out a large number of items to create a sustainable business.
▪ And remember you are competing with free clip art as well so your work must be quality.

This is a business you can run on your own time as the marketplaces take care of the hosting and billing, so if you busy studying or a parent with little spare time this may be for you.

More Information
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