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3D Modelling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialised software. The product is called a 3D model and the person who works with 3D models may be referred to as a 3D artist. 3D models is used in various instances: movies, games and […]

Creating themes for websites is a hot trend today. Millions of website owners buy custom designs for their websites in order to impress visitors and customers. This side business idea is about how you can start creating your own themes and selling them online. What Are Themes, and Why Are They In Demand? Look at […]

When it comes to promoting different products and services, more and more businesses prefer videos over text or images. You yourself often watch videos on YouTube before purchasing something rather than read blog reviews, don’t you? The following idea will help you learn how to create amazing animated videos (doodle videos) and sell them online. […]

Have you ever seen graffiti on the walls of restaurants or office buildings? This side business idea is about painting walls the right way so that you satisfy the customers and get paid for the job. Opportunity Overview There are two types of decorative work – exterior and interior. You can do either but interior […]

3D printing can (and will) revolutionize manufacturing in South Africa. The list of cool and useful things you can print with a 3D printer is literally endless. While buying a 3D printer and offering printing services is a great business model, the idea you are about to learn is different. Business model Before you print […]

One of the easiest ways to start a sideline business is to monetise an existing skill. If you have drawing skills the custom portrait and caricature business is something to look at. Opportunity Many people and businesses would like to have portraits created, whether for personal use, as a gift or to use in an […]

If you are a creative person and have a passion for drawing, becoming a part-time logo designer might be a great opportunity for you to improve your finances. You can master logo designing skills without leaving your home in a short period of time, and in a few days or a week, you’ll be able […]

If you are creative but you think that a graphic design business is not for you, then you can design and sell clip art on the various digital marketplaces available on the internet. Clip art is like stock photos but it is a drawing instead of a photograph. People use clip art for various purposes, […]

No matter how big or small every company (even a sole proprietor) needs a logo to establish an identity for their business. If you have some creative skills you can offer logo design as a service. You will need a portfolio to show people examples of your work. Design logos for friends and family for […]

If you are creative and know HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you can design and sell website templates. A template is basically the design of the website but not all website owners have the money to design a website from scratch so they basically modify existing templates with their logo, colour scheme and sometimes change […]